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indigo sky is very pleased to announce the offering of classes in different art media in a fun, friendly social setting. We look forward to you joining us around our big classroom table!

All classes require pre-registration and fees are to be paid in advance to reserve your place in class.
Please stop in to register or you can call the shop (970) 532-0790. Thank you!

Mosaics . . .
You will be surprised at the beautiful works of art you will create in this one-day mosaics class! It's FUN! It's EASY!!
          Instructor: Ms. Claudia Heaphy ("The Joy of Mosaics")
          For more information, please contact indigo sky.

Mosaic 2 Mosaic 8 Mosaic 11

Glass Fusing . . .
Design and decorate glass to be fused to create beautiful glass pendants for necklaces and/or earrings. You will nip, cut, and grind colorful glass to create your unique fused glass jewelry. Glass supplies are included in the class fee. Jewelry findings can be purchased separately.
          Instructor: Ms. Kathi Dougherty
          Jewelry and Ornament classes offered each month.
          For class dates, please contact indigo sky.

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Stained Glass . . .
Create your own sparkling stained glass panel from an instructor-approved pattern. You will learn to create a pattern . . . how to use the stained glass tools . . . how to cut glass, etc. Studio tools and supplies are available for student use. All class projects must be approved by the instructor and glass/lead supplies purchased before the first class. No refunds or make-up classes are allowed: however, pre-approved studio time can be purchased during pre-approved studio time slots. Students must be at least 18 years old.
          Instructor: Gena Feldman
          Please contact indigo sky for class dates and times.

STUDIO TIME . . . is most appropriate for “seasoned students”, as there is very little or no instructor supervision. (Studio Time is structured only as “use” of the classroom and if applicable, classroom supplies.)
Pre-approved Studio Time is purchased in hour increments (no pro-rating):
          $7.50 per hour for currently enrolled students.
          $9.00 per hour for previous students not currently enrolled.
          $25.00 per hour for private lessons.

Stained Glass 1 Stained Glass 2 Stained Glass 3 Stained Glass 4 Stained Glass 5 Stained Glass 6

Fairy Garden Class . . .
All fairy enthusiasts are invited to delight in all things miniature as they create a magical garden with live plants and enticing extras to welcome the fairies in. Great magical fun!
          Instructor: Ms. Christy Patton
          Please contact indigo sky for class dates.

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Why Knot ?! . . .
Hand-knotting creates a necklace that has lovely drape and feel. The knots define the beads and enhance their color and form. You will enjoy creating a simple necklace, as you learn the basics of hand-knotting.
          Instructor: Ms. Sarah Wadleigh
          For more information, please contact indigo sky.

Beginning Jewelry Classes . . .
Learn basic design and bead stringing technique. You will make beautiful beaded jewelry items in this class.
          Instructor: Ms. Nada Fisher
          For more information, please contact indigo sky.

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Wheat Weaving . . .
Learn the basics in wheat weaving, an ancient art form traditionally done at the time of harvest. It represents the spirit of the grain, and can be hung on the wall as a blessing on the home.
          Instructor: Ms. Marilyn Meador
          For more information, please contact indigo sky.

Oil Painting - The Alexander Art Technique . . .
Learn to paint with oils . . . quick . . . easy . . . fun. . . using the “wet-on-wet” technique created by the late William “Bill” Alexander, who taught Bob Ross. You will complete a beautiful (instructor approved) landscape oil painting for your wall.
          Instructor: Gena Feldman, ACI (Alexander Certified Instructor)
          Please contact indigo sky for more information.

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Oil Painting Materials and Techniques . . .
This two hour class will provide detailed information and instruction on oil painting techniques, materials and their proper use. A must for anyone who regularly paints in oils, or who is learning or wants to learn! Topics of instruction include: how to stretch a canvas, painting substrates, painting materials, painting techniques, color basics for artists.
          Instructor: Michael Georges
          Please contact indigo sky for more details.

Portrait Drawing Intensive . . .
Two 3-hour sessions on the basics of learning to draw people. Classes will focus on both drawing from live models and from photo reference. Topics of discussion and instruction will include: drawing materials and their use, the importance of light and life in learning to draw, how to set-up and light a model, anatomy, proportion, etc. This class will be great fun!
          Instructor: Michael Georges
          Please contact indigo sky for more details.

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Watercolor Workshop . . .
This class includes 5 hours of instruction in the techniques of watercolor, including: color theory, wet into wet, washes, glazing, etc. This is a one-day workshop practicing painting techniques in the morning and using those techniques to paint a beautiful watercolor painting that will be matted and framed so that you can take it home and hang it on your wall!
          Instructor: Ms. Gina Beck
          Please contact indigo sky for information.

Decorative Painting “one-stroke-style” . . .
Techniques for the “one stroke” style decorative painting will be taught in this class. You will purchase your brush set and your project items for class from the instructor.
          Instructor: Ms. Joyce Shaulis
          Please contact indigo sky for more information.

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Beginning Oil Basics . . .
Learn basic techniques of oil painting including: color, form, perspective, etc.
          Instructor: Ms. Suzie White
          Class time TBA..

Card Making . . .
Learn to make a variety of fun greeting cards. Details to be announced.
          Instructor: Ms. Suzie White
          Class time TBA.

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Other classes . . .
Will be added in the future.
          We welcome your class suggestions.

* Registration/Cancellation Policy . . .

All classes require pre-registration and fees are to be paid in advance to reserve your place in class. A commitment to class attendance is important in order to keep up with the instructions and to receive full benefit from the classroom experience. No make-up classes are offered.

Student/participant cancellation . . . Class fees are non-refundable, however, we will be glad to try to contact the waiting list people to try to sell your reservation on your behalf.

Instructor or shop cancellation . . . class credit or refund will be issued.

We are looking forward to creative fun with you.
Thank you for your interest!

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